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Our objective is to improve Japanese language abilities in four different skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing by using direct teaching methods. The courses are suitable for people who wish to apply for further study at a Japanese institution, graduate school, university or college. The courses also suit those who wish to improve their Japanese language skills for employment purpose at any Japanese company in their home country, to understand Japanese culture and to develop Japanese communication skills. We recognized the needs of each student and develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing from elementary, intermediate to advanced level through our high-quality education system.

ElementaryⅠ& Ⅱ

Pronunciation To master basic Japanese pronunciations
Conversation To use basic sentences accurately
Reading To be familiar with written expressions
Listening To be able to understand by listening and familiar with sentences
Grammar To master basic grammar
Vocabulary Hiragana、Katakana、Kanji 400 words、vocabulary 2,400 words
Writing To write in more than 400 words by using correct sentences

Lower Intermediate & Intermediate

Conversation To develop abilities to deliver opinions and information
Reading To develop abilities to read paragraphs writings
Listening To understanding in daily life conversations
Grammar To master common sentences and daily expressions
Vocabulary Kanji 1,000 words、vocabulary 6,000 words
Writing To write logically based on themes

Upper Intermediate & Advanced

Conversation To develop communication skills that require in the social life
Reading To practice with materials such as newspapers
Listening To practice with materials such as news, dramas etc
Grammar To master high level grammar in literary styles
Vocabulary Kanji 2,000 words、vocabulary 10,000 words
Writing To write essays in preparation for entrance examinations
Exam preparation
To practice for interviews