Student Support

We have staff who speak multi lingual such as English, Chinese, Nepalese, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesia, Korean and Hindi. To ensure and support our student life style during their stay and study in Japan without any difficulties.

Airport's pick up for student who stay in school dormitory (with fee). Dormitory available near school’s area and very convenience in accessibility.
After entered to Japan the following day, our staff will provide assistance to student to register their residential address at the Ward Office, and National Health Insurance subscription. Name seal is essential in Japan's daily life.School will assist the student to make one prior to their arrival in Japan.
School staff will take student to open a bank account in order to accommodate any foreign remittance from home country, part time job salary remittance. The mobile phone company with multi lingual speaking staff to provide the convenience for student to purchase mobile phone at the school.
At the request from the student, school also provide the assistannce to introduce part time job in accordance to the law of Japan which is 28 hours a week. Assist the student in register their address at the District Office and also the subscription of the National Health Insurance.
Explaining the bank account opening process and documentation to the student. Guiding student in preparing CV and attending the part time job interview.
The mobile phone provider staff with multi lingual speaker to provide the mobile phone purchase service at our school classroom instead of at the shop. Students were delighted after successfully purchased of their mobile phone.